In the words of a Receptionist
Workway found me a job when I'd given up on looking anymore... I am so thankful for them! They are friendly and patient and make you feel like you are truly important!


In the words of a Credit Analyst
You took my calls, answered all my emails, spent time getting to know me and guiding me. You were able to get me interviewed in not just a suitable position but more than I could have asked for in a career. You reintroduced me to a new and brighter career with an amazing group of people who I am honored to work beside. This is a career that I would not have been able to find or consider on my own.


In the words of a Commercial Underwriter
Workway did a phenomenal job advocating on my behalf.


A better way to work – where opportunity meets talent across industries nationwide.

Workway places individuals in temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire positions across the nation and we pride ourselves on supplying career opportunities.  We partner with clients that are going to provide a great work environment and make you feel a part of their team and Workway family. We carefully execute a process to match your skill set and desired employment opportunities.

In addition, we run contests for all contractors providing gift cards, free lunches, and gifts for doing a good job on assignment.

Finally, we are 100% ACA compliant providing a wide range of benefits for all of our employees.

Workway knows that our team members are the foundation of our business.Let us go to work for you finding the perfect temporary or permanent position.

Articles for the Job Seeker Common Misconceptions About Temporary & Full-Time Staffing

1. Applicants must pay a fee to register for work with a staffing agency.
It should never cost you money to register with a temporary or full-time staffing agency. Registering with Workway is free for candidates seeking employment whether temporary, temp-to-hire or full-time. Workway is there to support you in your search for employment.

2. Temporary employment agencies only place entry level clerical positions.
Temporary agencies and full-time staffing agencies such as Workway cover many career fields and place a variety of professionals. Workway specializes in staffing industries such as Banking & Credit Union, Call Centers, Finance & Accounting, Insurance Industry, IT & High Tech, Mortgage Industry, and Title & Escrow. Workway staffs entry level to executive positions within these industries.

3. The only jobs available at temp agencies are low paying.
Workway places a wide variety of positions, including 6 figure salaried career positions.

4. Staffing agencies don't give benefits.
Workway offers benefits packages to all of its associates. The benefits package includes health insurance, retirement savings programs, direct deposit and weekly pay.

5. Temporary assignments are short term, one or two days, rarely over a couple weeks.
While we do place candidates in short term assignments and temporary projects, most of positions are long term and many are temp-to-hire.

6. Temp agency positions will not lead to full time employment and that is ultimately what I am seeking.
A temporary staffing agency is a great place to find permanent employment. This trend is increasing as employers are conservative to hire. Working in a temporary position is placing you in prime position to interview for a full-time opportunity. Employers are much less tentative to making a commitment to a new employee when they have had the opportunity work with them.

Staffing Agency Tips

Our recruiters talk to employers every day and know about openings before they are posted. Tap into our contacts and allow us to make connections for you. We perform services which are always free to the candidate such as skill marketing and weekly available candidate hot sheets, getting your resume out of the stack and putting you in front of hiring managers.

List All of Your Special Skills & Experience
Be sure to list all of your skills and abilities on your Workway registration accurately and completely. Employers are often looking for very specific skill sets. Computer programs and industry specific software are important to note. Let us know your attributes and experience so we can share them with the employers we have access to. Help us sell you!

Opportunities Abound
More and more employers are using recruiting and staffing services to fulfill their contingent workforce needs. Employers hire a contingent workforce for seasonal peaks and business upturns. Employers who use contingent workforces are learning to use this opportunity to screen for potential full-time employees. The trend for temp-to-perm employment is increasing. Employers get an opportunity to work with temporary employees and how they fit into their organization while you are on the job!

Whether, temp, temp-to-hire or permanent let Workway go to work for you, finding the perfect temporary or permanent position.

Resume Tips from Recruiters and Employers

Hard Copy & Digital
Always bring a hard copy of your resume with you to the interview. Have your resume formatted as a plain Word document to share electronically. You will always want to provide an electronic version of your resume in addition to a hard copy.

Proof Carefully
Be sure to carefully proof your resumes. It is always recommended that you have someone other than yourself review your resume for errors.

List Accomplishments, Not Job Duties
Instead of making your resume a laundry list of your job duties describe your contributions and accomplishments. The employer is seeking return on investment by hiring you. Use you resume to provide a vehicle to sell yourself. For example, if you raised revenue in your department, list that and list numbers to make those facts solid and concrete. Demonstrate your proven value.

Choose Your Words Well
More than ever you want to choose your words well when writing your resume. Analyze the job listings in your industry and take note of which keywords are used to describe position titles and industry terms.

  • Make Your Resume Keyword Rich. There is a good chance your resume will be scanned and entered into a database where it can be searched for by keyword. Be sure your resume comes up for the keywords potential employers are searching for.
  • Use Descriptive Position Titles Use easy to understand position titles, make sure they are easily understood and don't require much explanation. Chances are you will not have the opportunity to explain. Your resume will likely get approximately 2-3 seconds in the initial review. By using descriptive titles you have a better chance of catching an employers eye. By using their language, employers are going to be more likely to spot you in a stack of resumes.
Customize Your Resume
Customize your resume to the position you are pursuing. Employers are seeking specialized skills, be sure to list your skills specific to that job. Recruiters and employers are inundated with resumes to sort for very specific positions. Be sure you have your qualifications clearly and easily stated so that you are not easily filtered. Be sure primary qualifying information is easily found first and foremost: location, industry, function, level, recent experience and education.

Moving to a New City
If you are looking for work in a new city put a local address on your resume or add your moving dates. Your cover letter is also a good place to discuss your intentions to relocate as well as your reasons for doing so.
Registering with a national staffing agency, such as Workway, is also a great strategy to enter local job markets. Be sure to include your moving dates as well as dates you will be visiting and could arrange for interviews and meetings.

Twitter Tips

Twitter Profile Picture
Recruiters and potential employers want to see who you are. Use a clear and recent picture. Remember to use an appropriate and flattering photograph. Our guideline is to use a picture you would proudly display in your physical office while meeting with business colleagues. Your Twitter profile picture is your opportunity to put the face to your name which will inspire familiarity, nurture relationships and develop professional trust.

Twitter Profile Bio
Recruiters and potential employers want to see who you are. Use a clear and recent picture. Remember to use an appropriate and flattering photograph. Our guideline is to use a picture you would proudly display in your physical office while meeting with business colleagues. Your Twitter profile picture is your opportunity to put the face to your name which will inspire familiarity, nurture relationships and develop professional trust.

Keep it Positive, Keep it Consistent and Be Professional
When you are using your Twitter account in your job search you are using it professionally and it is important to remember to keep it positive, keep it consistent and be professional. Tweet about your job search but don't be discouraging or negative. Tweet regularly. Demonstrate your dedication, discipline and consistency by sharing regularly and often, responding to your @'s and DM's, participating in industry related discussions, and showcasing yourself professionally by sharing your knowledge and expertise in your industry.

Follow Industry Trends, News & People
Keep up with news and blogs in your industry and then share them with others. Keeping up with current trends in your industry also provides the added benefit of preparing you for interviews. Staying abreast of the latest ideas in your industry and developing relationships with the thought leaders in your field is developing yourself as a candidate and building your virtual professional network. Listening will show you the way in your chosen industry or field.

Share Your Expertise & Lend A Helping Hand
This is your chance to demonstrate what an asset you are. Share insights, offer tips, and point to resources. Take opportunities to demonstrate your skills. Developing relationships and referrals begins with initiating relationships and the opportunity to demonstrate your ability to receive those referrals and recommendations. Responsiveness, problem solving, and initiative are qualities all employers are seeking. Explore your industry and your specialty to see how others in your field are using Twitter. Listen, share, and participate.

Facebook Tips

Facebook Tips for Job Hunting
If you are going to use Facebook for your job hunt you will want to ensure the content of your Facebook page is professional and appropriate. Here are some pointers for keeping your Facebook presence in line with your job seeking goals.
Include a current and flattering picture of yourself.

Share media which highlights your professional expertise and showcases your professional accomplishments.
Adjust your privacy settings so your information can be seen by the public and reserve personal material for friends and family.
If you are going to friend up professional colleagues look into using the lists function to control which content is shared to your network, pay special attention to who is allowed to tag you in media.

Protect Your Online Image
Online reputations are becoming more and more an integral part of the job search and modern employment. Take charge of your professional and online image. Privacy settings and terms can change and it is a wise policy to not post any media that would reflect poorly on you.

Gather with Other Professionals

Join professional groups on Facebook and use this opportunity to share and contribute to the conversation. Look for active groups with lively discussions. When you Like our Facebook page Workway can share company news, job search tips, and employment opportunities with you.

Alert Your Professional and Personal Network
Let your entire network know that you are looking for employment, include business colleagues, friends and family. Share your job search and be specific. For example, use your status updates to share your job search. If you sent a resume to a company you may want to share that information with your network.

"Registered with Workway today. This CPA is looking for an accounting position in the Phoenix area."
You notice in that update the company, industry, location and degree of candidate were all mentioned. Make it easy for others to make the connection of how they can offer assistance. To just say "I am looking for a job" may not be specific enough to elicit assistance from your network. But when you say I am looking for accounting positions in the Phoenix area or mention that you are applying for a job at a specific company that may be the information someone in your network needs in order to put a recommendation in or send you important leads or information to assist you on your job search.

Power of Personal Referrals
Companies know that historically referrals from their own employees have a great success rate. Personal referrals are powerful and to leverage your personal networks is a strong strategy in your job search.

LinkedIn Tips

LinkedIn Tips for Job Hunting
If you are actively seeking employment make sure you have a LinkedIn profile. Consider your Linkedin profile the new resume. It is highly recommended for professionals to have and maintain a LinkedIn account as you should always be building your network and maintaining your connections. LinkedIn accounts have become standard operating procedure for professionals and neglecting this form of promotion could even be interpreted as unprofessional.

Optimize Your Profile
Make sure your profile is optimized with your most current and accurate professional information.
Upload your most recent resume.
Post a recent professional picture.
Make your profile keyword rich.

Recruiters and employers will be searching for certain keywords for positions they are seeking to fill. Study job listings and descriptions of positions you are interested in and use the same terminology recruiters and employers are using so you are sure to be found for your expertise. Pay special attention to job titles, qualification, specialized skills, especially in technical fields, and be sure to list any professional organizations to which you belong.

Be sure to make your profile page public. Showing or Hiding My Public Profile in LinkedIn

Customize your url, making your LinkedIn page easy to remember and branded with your name. Use this link in your email signature, business cards and resume.

Fill out your profile as completely as possible.

Let People Know You Are Looking for Work
Use your status update to let people know you are looking for work. Using all of your social networks to keep people informed of your job search is a great way to utilize your connections.

Looking for Work but Presently Employed

If you are currently employed you may not want to list your status as looking for work. You can still participate in activities to network and connect. One way is to join groups, it's where recruiters often hang out. In groups you are given a forum to discuss and share your expertise within your industry. A perfect setting to contribute your help and showcase your ability to contribute to a team. You may wish to adjust your settings so your connections are not notified every time your status or profile changes. You may not wish for all of your activities to be broadcasted throughout all your contacts.

Build that Network, but Keep it Real
More connections lead to more opportunities. We recommend making professional connections with people you know and trust. Build and gather your trusted network so your connections have context, meaning and integrity.

Recommendations Are Important, Give to Get
The best way to get a recommendation is to give a recommendation. Be sincere, remember your recommendations are as much a reflection of you as the person for whom you are writing.

Go Mobile and Be Responsive
Use a mobile application on your smart phone to stay connected to your LinkedIn account. Stay involved in your job search even when you are away from home. Show that you are responsive and act on opportunities quickly.

Participate in the Professional Venues on LinkedIn
Follow companies you are interested in.
Use and contribute to LinkedIn Answers.
Join Groups that are related to your target industry.

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