Cecily Turner, Recruiting Manager – Dallas, TX

I love my Philadelphia Eagles!

I’m a Recruiting Manager at Workway and my goal is to help everyone I can, go to work.  As a child, my grandparents and parents instilled in me that “a strong work ethic is the best way to achieve your goals.  "If you work, then everything else will fall in line”.  I have taken those words with me and used them for my benefit.  That is why I love recruiting.  I have the ability to change someone’s life by helping them find work.  Recruiting can be fast paced and that’s what makes it enjoyable.  I enjoy the challenge of finding that special candidate for the clients. 
In my spare time, I’m a HUGE football fan and I love my Philadelphia Eagles.  Living in Dallas, it’s hard to be an Eagle fan, but I represent my team with all my heart.  I look forward to each game, make plans with friends and family for special events, and try to attend at least one game in person each year. Even at Christmas, I dress up in my Eagles gear and deliver gifts to my friends and family.  My family and friends are very important to me and I cherish every moment that I have with them. 
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