Business Lines

Our expertise remains placing highly qualified professionals in temporary, temp-to-hire and direct-hire positions specialty recruiting services across our unique practice lines including Mortgage, Title and Escrow and Real Estate Services; Professional Services; BancForce; National Recruitment Center; and Executive Search. Our recruiting managers are experienced specialists with an insider’s perspective on your unique staffing needs. In working with the industry, we have prided ourselves upon becoming the industry’s “go-to” agency for specialty roles offering a strong candidate pipeline, quick turnaround to staffing requests and strong fill ratios.

As members of the MBA, TMBA, TLTA, CLTA, and FLTA, we are consistently educating our team on the changes within the Mortgage, Title, and Escrow industry. Our team of recruiters come from the industry and understand your staffing challenges and consistently are able to provide solutions to securing top talent. With regulation changes, economical ebbs and flows of the industry, we are here to partner with you. Below are the following sectors that we can deliver support:

  • Wholesale and Retail Mortgage Operations
  • Mortgage Servicing
  • Title and Lien Search
  • Title and Lien Search Services
  • Escrow Services
  • REO/Foreclosure
  • Loss Mitigation and Default
  • Residential and Commercial Property Management
  • Asset Management and Property Preservation

Business support personnel are often the first interaction customers have with an organization, so hiring exceptional candidates for these key positions is crucial for our clients. We provide a thorough assessment of each candidate matching experience, skill set and personality each position.

  • Executive and Administrative Support
  • Human Resources
  • Customer Service and Call Center Representatives
  • Office Management

Workway has extensive experience identifying, qualifying and evaluating talent in thin the professional divisions that we represent.  Our process involves securing professionals who excel at meeting your specific requirements.  We understand that your employees are the backbone of your organization and drive the success of your business.  Below are the sectors we present for temporary, temp to hire and direct hire staffing:

  • Creative/Design
  • Human Resources
  • Legal/Compliance
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Sales

Our National Recruitment Center (NRC) was created specifically to provide services to national account and MSP programs with high volume recruitment requirements while designed to provide the highest level of talent at competitive pricing. We cover a broad spectrum of staffing needs on a national basis or as we like to think, national coverage with a local touch. With our recruitment methodology & process including the latest tools & resources available, your dedicated NRC account team maintains a pipeline of qualified candidates focused upon your specific demands to fill all your staffing needs consistently and efficiently via funneling the best talent to your organization to assure a quality placement.

We understand the changing nature of your industry and the change in a competitive environment which involves the focus to reducing costs through supplier consolidation. As such, we appreciate your commitment to develop suppliers to achieve scale economies and competitive pricing in numerous categories.  We offer a competitive price model while also demonstrating our ability to continue to provide our client’s service at the highest level including:

  • Deliver exceptional customer experience and service through a single point of contact to all MSP customers
  • Customized account management program
  • Adherence to service level agreements
  • Commitment to continuous improvement (cost, service quality)
  • Ability to understand your culture and business needs
  • Ability to service key locations
  • Demonstrate experience recruiting for industry specific positions